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Nirvana and Fake Nails

January 17, 2017

The Stage:

Put this date in your Calendar!!! February 11!  The Bethany Stage will be having a special day of art and we are inviting all children from ages 4-15.  Our talented teacher, Vanessa, will be teaching this class from 10am to noon on Saturday February 11th.  It will be Valentines Day themed and each child will go home with a special gift for their loved one.  A unique piece of artwork that will mean so much to the child and the special recipient.  The cost of the class is $35 and includes...having a blast, all of the art materials and also a snack.  Please email thebethanystage@gmail.com to enroll your child.



My Story:

The very first show I ever saw was Camelot.  I was 9 years old and my elementary school took a field trip to our local high school for the performance.  That was it.  I was hooked.  I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life.  I had to be on that stage!! The only stage I really knew was the platform in the church and this was completely different.  The next year, the same high school asked for children to come audition for The Sound of Music and I had to go.  I was so nervous!! I wanted it so bad.  And so, my very first role was Marta Von Trap.  After that experience I just wanted more.  Every show I heard of...I just had to be in it.  When my father stopped evangelism to pastor churches we moved around a lot.  Getting involved in community theatre where ever we moved to or auditioning for a play at my new school was a great way to meet people.  And meeting knew people and making new friends at the tender age of 13 was a very hard task.  Moving to Washington State was terrifying.  I'll never forget being in a Junior High Assembly, standing in front of hundreds of 13 year olds, and saying the word "Y'all". The entire Junior High laughed at me.  I was a hick to them.  And I kid you not, I had to switch schools because the bullying became so bad.  Junior High is so tough and I hear so many horror stories about bullying.  I think the community theatre I got involved in, was one of the only things that got be through that two years.  Moving from Washington State to Texas was just as terrifying.  I had lived in Washington State just long enough to lose my accent, grow my hair out really long, and fill my closet with all flannel.  You know...Nirvana Style.  Totally Grunge.  Let's just say that the flannel and long hair stuck out like a soar thumb my first day as a freshmen in Waco, Texas where girls went fake tanning, wore fake nails, teased their hair, and reapplied their makeup after every class was over.  My nightmare was my brother's dream.  I think I remember him saying "I've never seen so many beautiful girls in all my life" the very first day of school.  But thanks to the school musical auditions being the first week of school, I was able to jump right in and make friends.  (My brother and I both got the lead playing love interests opposite each other but thank goodness they double casted and we didn't have to kiss each other! That might have really made it difficult to make friends!)

My Family:

I admit it!! I am a hoarder.  I can't get rid of one toy that one of my girls has ever played with,  It has been almost 6 years of collecting toys now, and it has gotten ridiculous.  But every time I go to purge, I think of the memory of them playing with that toy.  I tried last week to go through a toy box that was filled with little trinkets.  I made a pile to get rid of.  I really did!  But as I was making that pile, my girls came in and starting playing with the pile.  Well, now the whole..."if they haven't played with it in six months, get rid of it" advice just went out the window.  They just played with it.  Do I wait another six months?  Haha!!  And artwork! How do I get rid of any of their artwork.  I have boxes of drawings and bins of crafts.  Since my husband is an artist, we hang a lot of his pieces up around the house.  The girls have taken their cue from him and continue to tape up their own art on any open space...on any open wall.  I'm running out of wall space!!  But I love seeing their paintings taped up right next to their daddy's. 


 (my girls...doing what they love best!)


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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