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Errol Flynn and Popcorn

January 11, 2017

I am really excited to tell you something.  The Bethany Stage is going to have a weekend film workshop!! Yes, you heard me right.  Film!! It will be a weekend of lights, camera, action!  Tyler Cobb will be heading this project up for us.  It will be open to all ages and all experience.  It will be coming up this Spring and you will not want to miss it.  I will let you know all the details once we finalize our date and venue.  Of course it will be right here in our own sweet Bethany!




I grew up in the 80"s but I totally missed all the cool movies and music.  I was raised on Errol Flynn and Southern Gospel.  But let's just agree right here and now that Errol Flynn was probably the coolest guy to ever swashbuckle the earth.  And whenever I am in the car with my husband and a smooth 80"s song plays on the radio, he is always astounded with how clueless I am.  Now put on some Sandi Patty and I can sing along with the best of them.  But can you expect any different from a child raised my song evangelists?  What is a song evangelist?  Maybe you have never heard of that.  Basically, I traveled with my parents and my two older brothers all over the United States of America and sang in a different church every week of my life.  We literally lived in a trailer that was pulled by our truck to each new destination until was five years old.  I could not tell you the first time I sang on a stage.  Maybe I was two? Maybe younger?  I have so many memories of my dad putting me behind the record table to take peoples money after our concert was over.  Cause who could say no to a little 4 year old asking you to buy her song?  We even had a TV show.  Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.  We had a whole set with an interior of a house and everything.   I have so many memories of the grand piano on the set twirling in a circle as my dad played his solo and the cameras on the giant dollies would come swooping in to get the dramatic shot.  At least that is how I remember it.  It seemed pretty grandiose to a 4 year old. 

Traveling was so much easier back then too.  Car seats?  Who needed a car seat?  My parents always seem baffled when I bemoan having to take a long car trip with my kiddos.  "We traveled all over America with you kids and it was easy as pie."  Maybe they don't say it just like that but no kid likes to be strapped down.  My brothers and I had traveling down to a science.  My oldest brother would take the whole back seat and lie down, my other brother would take the floor board and lie down (he got the rotten end of the stick), and I had a hammock.  Yep, a hammock.  We would stretch out one side of my blanket and roll it up into the window and then stretch out the other side of the blanket and roll it up into the other window.  I would clime inside and swing myself to sleep.  Little wonder that the habit of NOT wearing a seat belt never changed until I was 18.  I'd come to regret my false sense of invincibility. 

 (This was the first record I was in with my family)


We have decided to homeschool for now.  It just seemed the best choice for our family.  When I direct a show, I have to work evenings.  I felt that I'd never get to see them if they spent the entire day at school.  But it is hard sometimes.  Especially coming off a long holiday break.  Today I felt triumph that we got through all our lessons.  I can get them to do anything for the promise of chocolate.  And chocolate was had by all today!!! Is it a bad thing that "chocolate" is one of my youngest first words?  Her other word is "Popyuu" which of course is popcorn.  And if any of you tell her how to say it correctly I'll never forgive you.  I hope it always stays "Popyuu." 

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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